Who We are

Specializing in Visual Recognition, Augmented Reality, Mobile App solutions, Gesture based Technologies, Health Care Technologies and Game Development, Prisma Global Limited is at the helm of interactive information technologies and solutions. We ensure the highest levels of customer confidence and satisfaction through our expertise in the business.

Driven by a strong commitment to deliver results that surpass expectations coupled with our expertise and our smart working strategies has enabled us to accomplish major milestones. Prisma GmbH, with over 33 years of experience in business intelligence, Mobile solutions as well as enterprise content and management system, has gained a reputation in Germany, and particularly in Berlin, for being a competent systems house.

What We Do

Visual Recognition & Augmented Reality

Visual Recognition and Augmented Reality welcome you to see the world from the third eye. The third that we carry with us all the time and which has the potential to do much more than just see, the power to information.

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Experience Center

A stunning visual canvas that takes virtual reality from just a technology potential to a whole new overwhelming experience. The experience center is the epitome of virtual reality technology with its brilliant ability to replicate the physical world.

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Mobile App Development

Smartphones are the future and mobile apps are the way forward. Prisma aims to harness the full potential of smartphones and enable a brand to be proactive rather than reactive by developing mobile apps on Android, Windows and iOS.

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Game Development

Gaming is an alternate world to some. We develop some of the finest Computer and Mobile games in the industry and enable game players to engage in an unrivaled experience and be part of a world they genuinely belong to.

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Prisma Interactive Platform

The Prisma Interactive Platform consists of our Multi-Touch Software for interactive tables and our gesture based technology solutions (which can also be coupled with Mass Augmented Reality). A complete interactive software solution that will enable showcasing rich, engaging content with clients and impart a visual experience like no other.

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Prisma Healthcare

Prisma Global Limited has built multiple partnerships directly and through its subsidiaries and divisions. We believe in working in a collaborative environment providing the most superior tools and technologies for our clients and their customers.

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